Here's what to expect working with us.

Successful collaboration is the key to building a great site. We'll work together with frequent checkpoints along the way.

The Conversation

We start a conversation about what you want, the scope of the project, the schedule, and our pricing. Once we agree to work together, a contract is signed and a 30% deposit of the total project fee is made.

The Discovery

This is the most important step in the process. Being thorough at this stage ensures that the website you end up with is the website you want. We send you an in-depth client questionnaire in which we discuss more specific information about your brand. We talk about your target audience, your goals for the website, your competition, and any special bells and whistles you may want. At this stage we are also collecting all the content for the site. In order to move on to the next step, we have to have a complete overview of all the content.

Wireframing and mood board

Once we get the content for the website, we create a wireframe. The wireframe represents the skeletal framework of your website – a blueprint. It plans out the site’s structure and functionality. While we work on the wireframe, we also begin a collaborative Pinterest board, for visual inspiration. We want to fill this “mood” board with imagery, colors, typography, or anything that you feel is in line with your brand aesthetic. This gives us a base for the website design mockups and ensures that we’re all on the same page in terms of visual style.

Site Design

At this stage, we take the finalized wireframes and develop them further into “design mockups”. While not a fully functioning website yet, the mockups help us see what the complete website will look like.

Site Development

This is the part where we start building the actual site. Using our approved design mockups, we build a functioning website.

Testing and Training

This is a critical step where we test the site on multiple browsers and devices. We “sandbox” the site (privately test) with friends, family, and co-workers. We work out any unexpected kinks before we release to the public. We also train you to update your site.


Once we receive your final deposit, we release the site onto the world! Your site is now public.

Site Maintenance

An important and often overlooked step in website development comes after the launch. What if there’s a problem and you don’t know how to fix it? We don’t release your site and then are never to be heard from again. There is never a charge if the site is down. With the Business Start Up and Business Growth packages, we also include up to 2 hours per month of additional technical support.